• Dairy-Free Pesto

    Have lots of basil? Don’t know what to do with it? Try this easy, delicious, homemade and dairy free pesto on your next Nostalgica pizza dough!⁣
  • Grilled Pizza

    Barbecue season is here (yay, summer!) Whether it’s in your backyard or at the cottage, our grain free pizza dough is the perfect addition to your summertime grill. 
  • Pizza Bread

    We turned our pizza into the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack!  The perfect vessel to dip, or stack.
  • Pizza Bites

    These mini pizza bites are just like your favourite pizza but bite-size which is perfect for your next backyard social distance gathering.⁣
  • Croutons

    Turn our pizza dough mix into that finishing ingredients that’ll give your salad/soup that perfect texture in every bite. 
  • Pizza Sauce

    This pizza sauce is quick and easy to make, using simple pantry ingredients that everyone has on hand